Unfinished Business;


This generally comes from a relationship where there was no closure. A relationship that ended early. A relationship that for whatever reason you didn’t let run its course. Now this could be for many reasons, for example you were no longer on the same path as your partner and you decided to go separate ways, you got too comfortable and didn’t know how to get the spark back, or maybe for some reason you thought it was too late and lost the motivation to fight for one another.

But how do you know when there is unfinished business? If there is, you will know, and you will probably realise this at a very inconvenient time for example when he is in a new relationship or maybe even later down the line when his current relationship gets rocky. You know this because you find him accidentally liking old photos on your ‘Instagram’ when you thought you were blocked because his girlfriend was so insecure that she made him block you from all form of contact. ‘That’ is another hint that there may be unfinished business between you two; when his current girlfriend doesn’t trust him to be civil with you because even she knows that deep down he still loves you. When he leaves subtle hints to let you know that he still thinks of you. ‘Insert name here’ viewed your Linked In profile, ‘Insert name here’ liked a memory from 2010, but when you then go to click on his profile you find you are still blocked.

Do you wait around for him to come back into your life? Who says that he ever will? Or do you convince yourself that enough is enough and try to move on without ever getting the closure that you desired? Sometimes the time apart is what in the end brings you back together. If you’re meant to be together then you’ll end up back on the same path even if once upon a time you diverted from that.

Trust your instincts and if you truly believe that there is more to be had with this person make this known to them. Yes, everyone is forever telling us that we are so young and have our whole lives ahead of us, but if you don’t either make it work, or on the other hand get closure,  then how will you ever truly move on.

If you are true soul-mates you will find your way back together…

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