How do you end the date?;

Isn’t this the question we all wish we knew the answer to? Unless you’ve already made a run for it because it was that terrible that you’ve already blocked his number before you’ve even made it out the door. Well let’s hope that this isn’t the case, however you always need a get out of jail free card to avoid being rude. This normally consists of a girlfriend texting you approximately 45 minutes to an hour  into the date telling you that her dog has died. If it’s going well, you can either ignore this or respond with how amazingly hot he is in real life and that you want to marry the guy and make beautiful babies. If however you’re really ‘not’ feeling it, you have an excuse to call your girlfriend, who is now in such a state that you ‘have’ to  leave to go and comfort her. Let’s be honest, he won’t actually believe this but at least he now knows that you’re not into him so you can both let it ‘fizzle out’ or just never speak  again.

How many frogs must you kiss before you meet your prince?…

Now  this is the real question. To kiss or not to kiss? If the answer is kiss, then this poses even more questions and it just gets so complicated, that thinking about how to end the date takes you back to the beginning, finding excuses to get out of going in the first place. So what is the answer? Sometimes, a kiss is less awkward then not kissing. You avoid the awkward hug or kiss on the cheek; although if you know for sure that you don’t want to kiss, then showing him your cheek as you go in for the hug is often the way to go. DO NOT pat him on the back, that is just patronising!  If you choose to kiss then don’t use tongues; ‘too much too soon’ springs to mind. But what happens after the kiss takes place? What do you say? Who speaks first? What about  if you kiss, say goodbye, but then both walk in the same direction? #awkward.

The only thing to be certain of, is when the date is over, you will wait for him to text you first…

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  1. wakinguponthewrongsideof50 · June 10, 2017

    As my daughter tells me every day, I’m old and I don’t know anything, but I’m going to impart my old advice. Don’t get caught up in The Who texts who first stuff…..I admit don’t text him/her five minutes after you leave and gush, but if you like him/her-and he/she likes you- then it shouldn’t matter who texts first. If someone is going to get caught up in that minutiae, then they’re probably not going to make a good partner.


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