Be available but unavailable;

Be available but unavailable… Another strange concept that gets thrown around as advice these days. But what does it mean?

This depends on who is asking. If your girlfriends ask you on a girly lunch date or a weekend spa retreat then yes be available. If your love interest asks to take you on a date (if by this point you even have one) then you are most definitely unavailable doing things with your friends who are obviously more important. This is because for our generation, being eager doesn’t score you a 10 on a mans unrealistic scale of a woman.

So how do you then make any progress what-so-ever if you’re always unavailable? They key is to set a date. And not this weekend because obviously you already have plans but choose a date in the near future and put it in your diary. This gives you both something to look forward to. And just some useful advice… If you want to have an enjoyable first date DO NOT go to the cinema…

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