First Dates;

‘Do you think I could just say that ‘somethings come up’ or ‘I’m really not feeling great’ to try and get out of it?’

How many women actually enjoy first dates?
Possibly women that aren’t serious about the guy and just want a free meal (scrounge); or just want an excuse to get laid and then never speak to him again. But what about us women who actually want to find love? Us women who want the ideal relationship but can no longer define ‘ideal’ due to never coming close to the real meaning of the word.

And what about those of us who now struggle to even find a guy to arrange a date with? Do men actually ask women on dates anymore? Or is this now a mutual agreement that you make over some form of technology, and then have nothing to talk about on the date because you’ve already discussed most of your life over Whatsapp?

Is this why we now fret over going on dates, in case of awkward silences or how to escape if it’s not going well? Or are we so stuck in our same routine that we struggle to even get a date to then worry and stress over? You’re not exactly going to be approached by the fit waiter you saw when dining with your girlfriends who are also much fitter than you, or by the hottie in the gym who must already have a girlfriend because if he didn’t then there must be something wrong with him.

Why does it feel impossible to be in the right place at the right time?…

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